Network faking support to Honduras president

The network used the Hashtag #YoCreoEnJOH across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Luis Assardo
1 min readNov 14, 2021
Using Facebook search.

On March 11th a campaign using Twitter, Facebook and Instagram was launched to support Juan Orlando Hernández, President of Honduras. Two days before, during his brother trial in New York, he was mentioned to be part of a narcotraffic structure.

So this campaign was, basically, a response to the crisis created with the trial and his allegedly involvement.

That day the HashTag #YoCreoEnJOH (I believe in JOH) appear in Guatemalan trending topics on Twitter. There were a lot of accounts flooding Twitter with this hashtag to fake-support the Honduran president.

Later I notice there were a lot of posts in Facebook and Instagram, same images, same copy. Most from accounts apparently fake or used only to support the government.

Here is the thread I published on Twitter with my findings.



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