Network amplifying a message against a Guatemalan judge

A small amount of fake accounts sharing the same content from a multiple-times-suspended Troll.

Luis Assardo
Nov 14, 2021
Fake accounts sharing the same content

There are a lot of conversations on Twitter about Guatemalan judges and the Guatemalan justice system. Some of this conversations are created by anonymous accounts and trolls.

On November 3rd a multiple-suspended-troll posted a text about a Guatemalan judge.

Some hours later a small network of accounts posted the same text. Those accounts posed as media or real entities.

After that the message was amplified by other accounts:

Those accounts were only used to share the same content and followed two accounts: the multiple-suspended-and-reborn-troll and a former vice presidential candidate.

As usual the network was reported and later suspended.

Here is the thread with the findings:



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